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The Tennis4women project is funded by the European Union’s Erasmus+ Programme and aims to support the sharing and upscaling of good practices across Europe. Three partners from Slovenia and Croatia collaborate on the project.


The project intends to develop an innovative training methodology for grassroots tennis, skills development, and networking activities while promoting physical activity opportunities for young women. The project targets young women aged 13 – 27, local grassroots sport clubs, trainers, coaches, and volunteers.r


The project seeks to provide equal opportunities and increase physical activity of women by consolidating and extending the network, standardizing activities among the clubs, and developing cross-border partnerships.


The project aligns with the strategic objectives of the Erasmus+ Programme, such as promoting education through sport, encouraging participation in health-enhancing physical activity, and tackling violence, racism, and discrimination in sport. The project aims to accomplish specific objectives such as desk research, identifying best practices, capacity building, and pilot testing of the developed training methodology during tennis courses for female beginners.


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